VIP Parents

Congratulations, you are on your way to become a family!

Because even with all the advise like “sleep when you can now” ( in the meantime you can’t really store sleep) and “i will have my baby sleep in its crib by 3 months”( baby can take their times ) you won’t know all these things until you live them.

its actually the same with shopping for your baby, you won’t know until that moment when you realize how much that item is good, for all of you.

Because starting a family can be expensive, we thought of a solution.

Becoming VIP parents at Collerette, will allow you to get your most needed and expensive items just before arrival of baby at a subscription fee per month for a year, getting your monthly items and more surprises every time.

You will benefit from our expertise,  pre-planning every monthly step of your child’s development.

We are very exited to offer you this service soon..

The Collerette Team

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