New Mama Melissa and Ismael

New Mama Melissa and Ismael

**Hello New Mama**

new mama

We speak to Melissa Veigel, Creative Director, about new new job as a..Mom

Ismael is born in Montreal, and his best cuddly friend has a french name..Gateau for cookie

Issi is enjoying his morning at the “promenade” in Seapoint

Gateau and Issi playing on Melissa’s sleeping bag that she kept from when she was a little girl-we love the bright neon pink

Pretty little vegi patch

Hello Melissa,

¬†where does Ismael’s name come from?

Ismail is named after Shukrie ‘s dad (who he sadly was never able to meet.)

what are his mile stones at 9 months?

Crawling like a champ, climbing, cruising, pointing, 2 teeth with 3 more on the way any day now

breast or bottle? if breast,is it easier now?

He was exclusively breast fed until about 7 months. Now he is breast feeding with occasional bottle of formula from time to time when I cant manage to pump. I like the balance this way as it takes the pressure off of me so it’s more enjoyable. Its easy now and we both know the routine and the signals!

does Issi have a nanny? how did you find her?

Ismail has a lovely nanny. We built the relationship gradually and now she comes 3x a week. It was a lucky chance meeting as she came to clean for me through a cleaning service and we all got along so well that I suggested she try spending more time cleaning for us. Once we got to know each other more I funded her to attend a nanny training course and then she switched to being our nanny. It helped to do the course because it made the transition more official for both of us as well as giving her some confidence and new skills to her already capable approach. Ismail loves his nanny!

can you quickly describe your job and managing work and baby?

I am a creative director and stage director of multi media entertainment experiences. It is a demanding job with sometimes very long hours. I have been lucky to be on maternity leave so I have not had to worry too much in the early months about juggling baby and work, however I am starting to work again now part time and learning as I go on how to manage it all. At first it felt like it would be impossible but once I got going it wasn’t so bad. Having a supportive family and a solid home infrastructure is helping a lot. My husband is very active in Ismail’s day to day life too which also makes a huge difference. We take turns when one of us needs to work more and share the domestic load.

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